House Rules and Tips

Anyone who makes an appointment for a massage at "Kuai Asian Massage"

declares its consent to the house rules.



If you are prevented, please cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise we have to charge you 50 %.

If you do not show up, you must pay the full amount.

Try to be on time, so that the treatment times can be respected.

Arriving late will shorten your treatment.




Payments can be done in cash


or with debit / credit cards. We have a payment terminal.



Respect your own rest and relaxation during the massage by turning off your phone in advance and remove all jewelry and makeup.


Free WiFi

Only during the foot massage, it is possible to use your mobile phone.

We offer free WiFi access.



Impeccable hygiene is a must! Taking a shower before the massage is 

mandatory (with soap) for hygiene and your pores will better absorb the oil. You can do this at home just before leaving, but a shower is also available here.

The use of slippers and hygienic disposable underwear is mandatory

(these are provided and available to you for free).



Be polite and respectful during our appointment and do not think because you 'pay' that everything is possible.

It is not allowed to touch the masseuse. If your actions are inappropriate, your masseuse will give you a warning.

We reserve the right to terminate your session if you do not respect our warnings without refund of your payment.



If something hurts, tell this for sure. If you would like additional attention to a

certain zone, let us know (eg . extra attention for the low back, migraine...)

With medical problems or pregnancy, you should consult your doctor if a massage is ok for you.

If you inform us wrong or not completely, we can not be held liable for damage and / or injuries resulting from an executed massage treatment.


Relax after the massage

Plan your massage so that you can reminisce still quiet after the massage and not have to return to work immediately.

After the massage, enjoy at least five minutes quietly.

Please do not shower after the relaxation massage (if possible) so that the oil used can continue its operation and can penetrate deep into your skin.

We end with a refreshing drink or a delicious coffee/tea.


Drink enough

Drink the same day and the days after loads of water to properly remove loose waste from the body.


Exclusion of certain persons

"Kuai Asian Massage" has the right to refuse people, without giving reasons .

Any deposit will be refunded.


Gift vouchers

gift vouchers

-The gift vouchers can not be exchanged for cash

-You give the voucher just before your massage

-carefully check the validity date

We are pleased to welcome you !